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Bat-Ami Jewellery

Pizazz Gifts is proud to carry an extensive line of Bat-Ami jewellery including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, broaches and pins. Bat-Ami Jewelry is created with pure silver and gold to the highest standards.

Bat-Ami Behiri Varsano began designing jewelry at the age of 14. Her unique styles and attention to the finest details has won many prestigious international jewelry awards and her pieces were sold in Israel’s finest galleries.

Her first jewelry collections were in the traditional art of “Filigree” that she learned from her Yemenite jeweler mentor. It was a style defined by embroideries in silver and gold, decorated by colorful stones & beads. A combination of the Eastern traditional art with European influence & inspiration. Today her unique jewellery style incorporates a technique known as Electroforming that allows her to create shapes using pure silver.

The Bat-Ami Line is the first to utilize these techniques to create the highest quality and durable jewellery where every individual piece is unique.

The Bat-Ami Jewelry Collection

Bat-Ami Jewelry

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