Alaia Traveler's Coin Necklaces in Vancouver

Pizazz Gifts carries and extensive selection of House of Alaia traveler’s coins necklaces. Each piece starts as a creative vision and is then sketched and hand-carved into wax. This detailed creation process gives incredible detail and depth to each jewellery piece. Every single piece has been handled with care, love, and attention, and no two are exactly alike. Bali holds a special place in the hearts of artists worldwide because procuring the arts is a vital part of the lifeblood of society here, and handmade artforms are treasured and preserved as acts of creation in devotion to the creator.

About the Alaia Artists and Energy Healing

The House of Alaia traveler’s coin necklaces are created in a Bali workshop by owners Christy and Nea and their dedicated students. Their belief in infusing each finished piece with positive vibrations and healing reiki energy is important so that when people wear their jewellery they too become energy healers and can help others begin the healing process as well.