Kate Spade Watches Vancouver

Kate Spade brings fun, exquisite style to everything… including her new line of watches. We carry several watches at a variety of price points from her most popular lines. Please feel free to stop by our Pizazz showroom to see all the latest watch offerings from Kate Spade.

Kate Spade Jazz Cat Watches

Kate Spade Watches - Chalkboard Collection

Rose Dial Watches - Kate Spade in Vancouver

Some of our favourite Kate Spade watch offerings are the Jazz Cat Watches, Rose Dial Collection, Chalkboard style watch faces, and the Metro Watches.

Our staff is always happy to show off our Kate Spade watches and can help answer any questions you may have about them. We can also take custom orders over the phone and in-store for any Kate Spade products or watches that you need.

Kate Spade Watches North Vancouver