Save the Duck is a new generation of down jackets for globetrotters travelling with hand luggage. For people that explore different cultures, social behaviours and societies. For the high-mobility generation that does not accept any compromise about one thing: respect for the environment. Save the Duck is for them!

Save The Duck Jackets in Vancouver

Why Save The Duck?

Save the Duck jackets replace traditional goose down with state-of-the-art technology called PLUMTECH: it is warmer, more breathable and lighter than traditional down jackets. Plumtech is 100% animal free and therefore cruelty free. It is a highly sustainable material that allows us to fully respect the environment and animals.

Save the Duck coats are also created with incredibly light, high quality materials that make them very special. Combine all this with brilliant colour and stylish designs and you have a winning combination that must be seen to be believed.

Save the Duck jackets are designed to be adaptable for all seasons. They can easily be folded and carried in their custom made pouches.

Save The Duck Products / Programs

Save The Duck Basic Program

Save The Duck Skinny Program

Save The Duck Stretch Program

Save The Duck Rainy Program

Save The Duck Eco-Leather Program

Save The Duck Eco-Fur Program

Save The Duck Pro-Tec Program

Save The Duck Arctic Program

Save The Duck Recycled Program

Save The Duck At Pizazz Gifts

At Pizazz Gifts we carry a huge selection of Save The Duck Jackets in a variety of styles, programs, colours and sizes. Please feel free to stop by our Edgemont Village showroom in North Vancouver at your convenience and try these incredible new jackets. We can order custom Save The Duck jackets for you if we don’t have what you are looking for in stock.