Two Jewelry in Vancouver

TwoA Jewelry is a newly emerging line of beautifully eccentric jewelry that seamlessly combines organic eco-materials with industrial metals to create a striking and fresh spin on Bohemian-Chic.

What has impressed us with the TwoA collection is the brilliant fusing of materials such as coral, textiles, tagua and coconut shells with a variety of finely crafted metals. The unique look perfectly compliments both everyday and high-fashion styles.

TwoA jewellery draws its inspiration from the serene Mediterranean seashores and the bustle of the urban city. The result is a style that is extremely personal and that has a foundation in both the luxuriousness of the old world and the clean lines of the new.

TwoA is both contemporary and classic in style. It combines shapes and textures in delightful, bold and innovative ways to create a visual feast that is unique, exceptional and distinctive.


We carry many of Twoa’s finest bracelets and necklaces. The Twoa wrap around bracelets create a bold yet casual look. They are so comfortable to wear, you won’t even realize that you have it on – until someone compliments you on it! Made from silver color-plated metal pipes hung from light grey colored cotton and nylon cord, this piece is an excellent way to show off your funky sense of style.

Twoa bracelets and necklaces

TwoA jewelry at Pizazz Gifts

Pizazz Gifts is Vancouver’s best destination to experience TwoA jewellery. We carry many pieces in our showroom and our friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have about this collection of fine jewelry. If you would like to place a custom order for TwoA jewelry we can take your order over the phone or in-store. We look forward to seeing you soon!