Larch Wood Cutting Boards make the perfect gift for chefs, home cooks and people who like to entertain. These cutting boards are hand made in Canada from the beautiful ‘end grain’ of Eastern Canadian larch (Larix laricina). This wood is sourced from renewable and sustainably managed local woodlots.

The durable self-healing end grain construction of Larch Wood Cutting Boards provide a smooth, impact-resistant, cutting action that is kind to knives. These boards are a practical choice for chefs in busy commercial kitchens or for daily use at home.

Each cutting board is uniquely and carefully crafted into a work of functional art.

Larch Wood is recognized for its rot resistance, strength and ability to neutralize bacteria. It therefore has all the characteristics needed to produce a superior cutting surface.

Larch Wood Cutting Boards in Vancouver

Hand made Larch Wood Cutting Boards