shop bleuforet socks in Vancouver, Canada
bleuforet socks in Vancouver

Why wear Bleuforet silk socks?

Silk is produced by the bombyx silkworm which uses this fiber to form its cocoon. It is because each cocoon gives only one thread that this material is extremely precious. However, a silk thread is as strong as a steel thread! Naturally strong and light, silk is an incomparably soft material with a subtle sheen. When knitted, silk lends its thermoregulating properties to our socks that keep your feet warm in winter and cool in summer. Rare are the socks that can be worn with sneakers as well as with heels: this is the case with Bleuforêt silk socks. Thanks to their delicate and feminine look, they perfectly enhance your legs with a 7/8th linen chino and pumps, or with a dress and Derby shoes. If you can’t resist the comfort of our silk socks (which we doubt), you’ll fall for their elegant look.

The Perfect socks for everyone on your list

Since 1994, Bleuforêt has been knitting the finest materials to bring you quality socks. Discover our socks made of Egyptian cotton, silk or cashmere, precious and refined materials that will make you feel elegant. Surprise yourself by not wanting to leave your alpaca, merino wool or linen socks and rediscover combed cotton and nylon through the comfort of Bleuforêt. From knee-high socks to invisibles, short socks, socks and traditional knee-high socks… You will always find the right height for your outfit of the day. Plain or mock plain, in classic or flashy colors, with stitches or in smooth jersey: there is something for everyone! Essential, refined, fancy or technical socks, for every moment, quality socks made in France, by Bleuforêt!

Shop Bleuforet in Vancouver, Canada

We proudly sell Bleuforet socks at our gift store in North Vancouver’s Edgemont Village. Shop in-store or buy online today.