Founded in 1995, Taste of the Okanagan Specialty Foods Inc, is a family run business based in Kelowna, BC, the heart of the Okanagan Valley. We make salsas, chutneys, sauces, dips, salad dressings and more the old fashioned way, by hand, in small batches so we can ensure flavour, quality and most of all… TASTE! We use the finest fruits, berries and veggies grown in the Okanagan Valley, picked at their freshest. We don’t put “JUNK” in our jars! We use no preservatives, no additives and no food colourings, so our taste is home grown, just like Grandma used to make when she was in the kitchen instead of on the Golf Course.

The quality of our product line is sustained by never compromising the traditional standards of our production. We use our hands, not machines, so we don’t bruise or agitate the tender harvest and we put our heart and soul into our production.

These artisan foods have a distinctive, well balanced taste with rich fruit and vegetable flavours, subtle herbs and spices and often a hint of Okanagan award winning wines, spirits and ales.

We continue to create and develop new products based on our mandate to use the B.C. harvest to it’s fullest. Our produce comes to us from small, local growers in the Okanagan Valley who share our pursuit for quality. They practice good farming methods and they pick “fresh” and “ripe” ensuring quality in our jars.