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Abyss towels have evolved to become the highest quality bath textiles available today. The finest raw materials including cotton, linen and silk are used to produce towels of unmatched quality. You can see these incredible towels for yourself at the Pizazz Gifts showroom in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver.


Abyss towels are woven with 100% Giza Long Staple Egyptian Cotton. Although many towels incorporate different grades of Egyptian Cotton, it is rarely used in all three weaving directions: warp, weft, and pile. The pile of the towel is made of a double twist. These features make the Abyss towel extremely absorbent, very low in lint and much greater in strength to make it last much longer.

We put more of the weight of the towel into the pile, and less into the base, so that it dries better than other towels even if they are of the same weight. Since the base is also made of Egyptian cotton, it is very strong and stable.


Abyss towels are “piece-dyed” after they are sewn, which means that the towel, trim and label are all perfectly matched. We only use low impact dyes, which are environmentally friendly, but extremely colour fast.

white 100

Ecru 101

Ivory 103

Apple Green 165

Forest 205

Aqua 210

Opal 214

Emerald 230

Ice 235

Khaki 275

Laurel 277

Evergreen 280

Lagoon 302

Marina 304

Blue Stone 306

Denim 307

Atlantic 309

Navy 314

Duck 320

Dragonfly 325

Powder Blue 330

Cadette Blue 332

Indigo 335

Regatta 364

Turquoise 370

Zanzibar 383

Figue 401

Lupin 430

Orchid 440

Pink Lady 501

Vineyard 509

Rosewood 512

Rosette 515

Primrose 518

Sedona 519

Lipstick 552

Flame 565

Happy Pink 570

Flamingo 573

Cosmos 575

Nude 610

Tangerine 614

Blush 625

Terracotta 685

Taupe 711

Sand 714

Caramel 737

Linen 770

Funghi 771

Popcorn 803

Banana 830

Gold 840

Safran 850

Gris 920

Pearle 930

Atmosphere 940

Cloud 950

Black 990

Platinum 992

Metal 993