Michael Aram in Vancouver

Michael Aram in Vancouver

Michael Aram’s line of home decor products is truly one of kind. His talents as a painter, sculptor, and art historian help him to create works of art drawn from his inspirations from nature, mythology, narrative storytelling. Every Michael Aram work is a unique, handcrafted masterpiece. Michael Aram has many distinct collections that include high sought after picture frames, canisters, candle holders, serving trays, bowls, vases, centerpieces, teapots, dishes, serving utensils and much more.

Michael Aram Black Orchid Collection

Black Orchid Bowl Medium

Black Orchid Bowl Large

Black Orchid Candle

Black Orchid Candleholders

Black Orchid Candy Dish

Black Orchid Canister Extra Small

Black Orchid Canister Small

Black Orchid Canister Medium

Black Orchid Canister Large

Black Orchid Catch All

Black Orchid Easel Frame

Black Orchid Glass Trio Platter

Black Orchid Frame 4×6

Black Orchid Frame 5×7

Black Orchid Frame 8×10

Black Orchid Cocktail Napkin Holder

Black Orchid Cheese Board w Knife Large

Black Orchid Nut Dish

Black Orchid Paper Towel Holder

Black Orchid Ring Catch

Black Orchid Serving Set

Black Orchid Serving Tray

Black Orchid Tray

Black Orchid Trivet

Black Orchid Vase Large

Black Orchid Vase Medium

Michael Aram Butterfly Ginko Collection

Michael Aram’s new Butterfly Ginko Collection is available at Pizazz Gifts in the heart of Edgemont Village in North Vancouver. This elegant collection of functional metalwork includes serving bowls, candleholders and snuffers, table centerpieces, keepsake boxes, nut dishes, pitchers and table lamps. Michael Aram’s impressive metalwork makes the perfect gift for almost any occasion. The images shown above are the Ginko Butterfly candleholders and vase.

Butterfly Ginkgo Candleholders

Butterfly Ginkgo Canister Medium

Butterfly Ginkgo Canister Large

Butterfly Ginkgo Candle Snuffer

Butterfly Ginkgo Candle

Butterfly Ginkgo Centerpiece

Butterfly Ginkgo Centerpiece Vase

Butterfly Ginkgo Medium Tray

Butterfly Ginkgo Cheese Board w/Knife

Butterfly Ginkgo Coaster Set

Butterfly Ginkgo Footed Centerpiece Bowl

Butterfly Ginkgo Frame 5 x 7

Butterfly Ginkgo Nut Dish

Butterfly Ginkgo Round Trinket Box

Butterfly Ginkgo Teapot

Butterfly Ginkgo Trivet

Michael Aram Calla Lily Collection

Calla Lily Bowl Medium

Calla Lily Bowl Large

Calla Lily Candle

Calla Lily Cheese Board w/Knife

Calla Lily Easel Frame

Calla Lily Rose Bowl Vase

Michael Aram Dogwood Collection

Dogwood Bud Vase

Dogwood Candle

Dogwood Cheese Board w Knife

Dogwood High Bowl Large

Dogwood High Bowl Small w/Spoon

Dogwood Medium Vase

Dogwood Trinket Tray

Michael Aram Heart Collection

Heart Dish Gold

Heart Frame 4×6

Heart Frame 5×7

Heart Frame 8×10

Heart Frame 8×10 Silver

Heart Toasting Flute silver

Michael Aram Olive Branch Collection

Olive Branch Casserole

Olive Branch Cocktail Napkin Holder

Olive Branch Gold Condiment Container w/Spoon

Olive Branch Gold Steel Bowl

Olive Branch Nut Dish

Olive Branch Triple Compartment Dish

Michael Aram Pomegranate Collection

Pomegranate 2-Tier Etagere

Pomegranate Cake Server

Pomegranate Canister Medium

Pomegranate Celebration Cup

Pomegranate Creamer

Pomegranate Mini Pot w/Spoon

Pomegranate Ornament Gold

Pomegranate Teapot

Pomegranate Tidbit Plate

Pomegranate Vase Candleholder

Pomegranate Vertical Napkin Holder

Michael Aram Twist Collection

Twist Candleholders

Twist Candleholders – Gold

Twist Frame Gold 5 x 7

Twist Gold Celebration Cup

Twist Gold Menorah

Twist Hors D’oeuvre Board w/Knife

Twist Menorah

Michael Aram White Orchid Collection

White Orchid Extra Small Canister

White Orchid Medium Canister

White Orchid Large Canister

White Orchid Frame 5×7

White Orchid Frame 8×10

White Orchid Footed Centerpiece Bowl

White Orchid Glass Snack Dish

White Orchid Paper Towel Holder

White Orchid Toothbrush Holder

White Orchid Vanity Tray

White Orchid Vase Small


Botanical Leaf Menorah

Botanical Leaf Fairy Ornament

Bark Vase Small Polished

Bark Vase Medium Polished

Bark Vase Large Polished

Apple Honey Pot w/Spoon Goldtone