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Slim Wallet

Every time I get out of the subway and cross the gate, I take out my pants pocket, but there is no; No pockets, either.
Where’s the bag? Left and right, all kinds of
Turn yourself over, all! Department! All! No! yes!
Unfortunately, when there are many people, they will be urged by the people behind them.
Bean sweat, crackling and dripping, still no
It’s because the bus card is too thin and the bag is too messy. I can’t find it every time I need it.
The heart is cold.
Before using ordinary wallets, they basically contained credit cards that needed to pay off debts and membership cards of various stores; There’s no money to put, but the wallet just gets fat.
Every time I take my wallet out of my pocket, I feel proud.
But what’s the matter with this inexplicable bulge?
A variety of examples tell us that bus cards, which must be used every day, should be placed where they can be easily obtained. For some unnecessary cards, throw them if you can, and never keep them to occupy space.
The best thing is to have a light and thin card cover to collect these cards for easy access. Therefore, today’s director must Amway’s MAG modular wallet.
The first time I saw this wallet, eh, how spicy? It’s like a card sleeve.
Indeed, this wallet is composed of multiple “ferrule” splicing.
A wallet consists of three “card sets”, namely card module, note module and key module.
The card module has 2 slots, which can hold 3 cards and a little cash.
The paper money module is designed with an elastic rope to fix the paper money; There are also slots that can hold a variety of cards.
The opening at the bottom of the key module […]

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Romantic prop electronic candle

Electronic candle is a kind of small night lamp designed with LED lamp as light source. It imitates the hazy orange candlelight of candle, and the electronic candle driven by lithium battery has a very long luminous time. Even if the electricity is used up, it can be revived with blood in place after changing the battery. The most important thing is that its safety is unmatched by ordinary candles. It can play a special role in romantic layout. For example, it can be used to create an atmosphere in the trunk of the car, arrange a heart-shaped candle array on the bed, and arrange surprises in the wardrobe. Its flexible application methods make it widely popular. Of course, the only disadvantage is the price, which is almost 1 yuan.
Not only orange, electronic candles have a variety of colors. You can use a single color to swing the heart, or use multiple colors to swing the heart as shown in the figure above.
Led candle in kind, is it a very simple design
The color changeable led candle is more romantic and can change seven colors all the time.
Technology has changed all traditional items, so a remote control candle was born. All electronic candles can be turned on and off at the same time by a remote control within 5 meters.
When arranging the trunk, if you use this product, you can strengthen the romantic atmosphere.
It is widely used on the lawn and looks very beautiful in the night

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In life, when most people buy Bedding, they basically choose according to their preferences. They will buy Bedding of what color they like.
However, the bed is the place where people sleep every day. Only after a good rest can they have the energy to do other things. Therefore, the selection of bedding can not be too casual. If only according to their own preferences, sometimes it may destroy the Feng Shui on the bed and make people more tired when they sleep. So, what colors can’t be chosen?
Avoid bright red
Chinese people pay attention to festivity. They believe that red represents good luck and good luck. When couples get married, they will use bright red sheets, quilt covers and pillows. However, except newlyweds, others don’t use red bedding in a large area.
Because red is a very bright color, it will make people’s brain in an excited state, enhance blood circulation, and lead to insomnia and dreams. Over time, people will become irritable, irritable and easy to quarrel with others.
Avoid pure black
Now there are many kinds of bedding colors, including black sheets and quilt covers, but this is a big taboo in the bedroom. Too much black bedding will lead to the imbalance of yin and Yang in the bedroom and destroy the Feng Shui in the bedroom.
As a place to rest, the bedroom should be warm and comfortable. If the bedding is black, it is easy to bring pressure, make people depressed, and affect people’s sleep and health. Moreover, black is also easy to gather Yin and evil Qi, which is very unfavorable to people’s luck.
Avoid bright pink
Pink is usually regarded as a romantic color. Many people will choose pink bedding to dress up the bed […]

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Lexon Mini Speakers


Mini Speaker

Many people ask, “why do you need ear enlargement?”
Everyone ignores an important fact – ear enlargement is everywhere, but you don’t notice it! There are earpieces in mobile phones, laptops, and even wireless headphones. Therefore, our question should be changed to: why do we need “independent” earpieces!
As we all know, the sound system is composed of three parts: signal source, amplifier and speaker. For the compact headset system, the headset is like the speaker in the whole system. However, the earphone system is essentially different from the speaker based sound system. The brain’s perception of sound is not only through the tympanic membrane, but also integrates the integrated perception caused by the auricle, head and body. The earphone system that receives sound only through the tympanic membrane is difficult to achieve the depth perception of the sound system and the 3D stereo sound field (including stereo sound field and depth), It is caused by the time difference between the sound source and the left and right ears. The left channel sound of the headset will not reach the right channel, and vice versa. The other is the residual sound of space. There is no residual sound of space when using headphones, so the sound is clean, but there is less sense of space).
The way the human ear receives sound is not like when listening to headphones. The left ear only hears the left channel and the right ear only hears the right channel. Instead, the left ear will hear part of the sound from the right, and the right ear will also hear part of the sound from the left. Stereo is made by the […]

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indoor floor mat

Whether you are visiting relatives and friends or returning to your home, you will often find carpets of different colors, large or small, placed in front of the door. The carpet outside the door can not only block dust, but also clean the sole twice. In addition, we should not underestimate this small carpet. The mystery also involves the five elements of Feng Shui. So, in the Feng Shui at the home gate, how should we use carpets to create good feng shui?
The door carpet should not be dirty
Feng Shui ancient books say: “those who attach the first importance to the gate of the Yangzhai take the gate as the vent.” The ancient geomantic omen surveyor compared the home gate to a person’s mouth. Talking about the door of home, we will naturally regard it as the “mouth” of a family. Therefore, the gate has the Feng Shui function of tuna gas field. There is such a record in the ancient Feng Shui masterpiece “three essentials of Yangzhai”: “three essentials of Yangzhai: door, room and stove”. The first of the “three essentials” arrangement is the door, which shows that the role of the door in Feng Shui is very important.
As the “mouth” of a family, the gate is also the first door to go in and out of the home. From the perspective of home feng shui, the most taboo of the carpet outside the gate is not to clean for many years, because the function of placing the carpet outside the gate is to facilitate people to remove the dust under their feet and bring their bad atmosphere back indoors as little as possible. If the carpet is dirty and broken, it will not […]

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indoor floor mat


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LED Candle

Today, I’d like to introduce the manufacturing process of a LED high simulation candle lamp.
It is not uncommon to replace candles with LEDs. You can find small lights in various candle shapes by searching the shopping website. After all, people always meet occasions that want to create a romantic atmosphere, but don’t want an open fire on the table all the time. Like the one below.
However, according to Keith, a hands-on expert, all these commercial candle lamps are weak. They are actually controlled by the switch. The “fire light” is so stable that it can’t move and blow out. It’s almost soulless! So he DIY this candle lamp which is more real in all aspects.
Let’s introduce the general manufacturing principle and process of this ultra-high simulation candle lamp for your reference!
Under the disguise of the glass with wax oil wrapped on the wall, it is actually a series of electronic parts with Arduino Pro Mini microcontroller as the core.
Six LED lamps are responsible for producing candlelight. Why six? Because a lamp can’t perfectly restore the flicker of candle fire with the air flow. These six LEDs are independently controlled, and the brightness will change randomly. Together, they produce a “beating” fire light. Since the shape of the fire is not, it is necessary to cover the glass with wax oil and hide them in the back.
Of course, that’s not enough. Keith believes that a Bengal candle lamp must have the ritual sense of “lighting” with matches. But how do you “light” a few LED bulbs? The answer is: add an infrared sensor to the control system to sense the approaching heat source.
Of course, after “lighting”, there needs to be a “blowing out” link, and a […]

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