Wavetree and London soaps in Vancouver, Canada

Wavetree & London soaps are produced by specialty Italian soap milling machines similar to what is used to produce fine swiss chocolate. The milling process creates a blend of natural ingredients which are pressed into a soap bar. This results in a long lasting moisturizing bar with a creamy lather which has excess moisture and air removed. Go ahead, pamper yourself – the lather, the fragrance and the feel are a wonderful experience that brings the feeling of a luxury spa into your home.

Each Wavetree & London soap is wrapped in Italian made embossed paper for that quality look and feel and the fragrances are fabulous. Lovely, posh packaging turns these soaps into delightful gifts as well. Also, no one has a better range of fragrances – period! With so many options, you’ll want to try all of our soap varieties. There’s a bar for every season! Check out our wares and see for yourself what types of gorgeous Wavertree & London luxury soaps we have to offer.

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