When it comes to lighters, we have to mention Zippo, the “bar handle” in the lighter industry, which fascinates countless men.

Because the sales are too hot, many businesses value business opportunities and make fake goods for profit. Although the price is relatively cheap, the quality is very poor.

Zippo Lighters recommended to your brothers and sisters today are all imported from the United States. Zippo is officially authorized. It has complete customs declaration qualification and supports anti-counterfeiting inspection. You don’t have to worry about buying fake goods.

*Official authorization of Zippo in the United States

And each one is very classic, carrying the black crack paint of World War II culture; The popular red Fortune Cat nowadays; Limited Edition tangcao is in my heart.

Whether it’s for collection, personal use or giving away, you can feel its full force when you get it. If you place an order now, the limited edition tangcao is nearly 200 yuan cheaper than the flagship store in my heart.

It’s been burning with a lighter for 90 years
What magic does it have?

Different from the “small and exquisite” lighters on the market, Zippo Lighters give people an incomparable “tough man” feeling from the inside to the outside.

The copper outer cover forms its hard shell, and the inner tank composed of cam, flint and cotton is slightly retro, but the moment the cam is turned, there is more wildness between electro-optic flint.

ZIPPO, founded in 1932, became the military supplies of the U.S. Army during World War II. Its excellent windproof performance in a dozen is well-known among soldiers.

Since the last century, ZIPPO has appeared in 2000 films, large and small, such as the godfather, Casablanca, tiger courage and dragon power.

Just ask, who saw Zippo being played by the handsome hero in the hands of the film protagonist, and can not be moved by its tough and wild image?

*Lighting with ZIPPO

At the same time, ZIPPO’s crisp and pleasant opening sound also became one of the iconic popular cultures at that time.

The impact sound of the metal opening and closing cover immediately gives people a powerful feeling.

In addition, ZIPPO also provides a lifelong warranty to everyone who buys Zippo Lighter: “either it has no fault, or we can repair it unconditionally.”

This is not just a word. Over the past 90 years, ZIPPO has always adhered to this commitment, and no one has spent a penny repairing the mechanical parts of Zippo lighter.

↑ Zippo’s maintenance department is in the museum

At the same time, in order to ensure that the quality of each product is qualified, ZIPPO has only set up the only host production base in the world, that is, ZIPPO headquarters in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

The unique manufacturer of the host, lifelong warranty and responsibility for each product are the differences between Zippo and other lighters.

Over the past 90 years, ZIPPO has also become a confession gift for girls, a mature symbol for boys, and the love of collectors

Now more than 500 million Zippo Lighters have been sold. On eBay, some rare styles have reached the bidding price of tens of thousands of yuan, which also confirms the sentence “Zippo is a non depreciating collection”.