We love to feature the work of local Vancouver artists in our Pizazz Gifts boutique. We tend to carry work that highlights the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment. We are constantly adding to our collection and we invite you to please come in and take a look anytime. If you are interested in ordering specific pieces or subjects from any of our artists we may be able to help bring them into the store.

Steve Rayner – Featured Vancouver Painter

Steve Rayner is a local Vancouver architect and as such he is concerned about the balance between space, structure and aesthetics, the traditional tenets of “commodity, firmness and delight” that we take for granted in the buildings that serve us and enrich our daily lives.

As an artist, Steve is fascinated by similar aspects of the natural and man-made world – the depiction of volumes, forms and surfaces, textures and colour in ways that describe the fundamental essence of our environment and capture the effects of light.

Steve Rayner’s works are inspired by the natural beauty of the West Coast. He seeks to convey the emotional connection that he feels with its many facets – water, rock, trees – through the portrayal of its landscape, close up or distant in scale, with or without people present. Steve tends to make use of the medium of acrylic paint on canvas.

Steve Rayner Paintings in Gallery

Grazyna Wolski – Floral Paintings

We are proud to carry the paintings of Grazyna Wolski. She is an incredibly talented artist and painter and we absolutely love her collection of floral paintings. They can help transform any space into a magical place. We have some of them in our North Vancouver gallery.

Grazyna Wolski is an artist on a journey of spiritual growth and continuously looking for improvement, balance and harmony in work and life. When she paints, the sensation of using colours to transfer her feelings onto the canvas fills her with joy and tranquility.

Grazyna’s art is spiritual in nature. It gives voice to her soul, it is healing and therapeutic. The creative process, enthused by the endless beauty of nature – her flawlessness, yet imperfection – reminds her of her own journey, forever developing and unpredictable, yet also miraculous.

She feels a deep emotional connection with flowers; “they are my infinite source of inspiration standing as a metaphor for how I feel about life and people. I paint them to tell stories, evoke memories, bring joy and to please the senses of the viewer.”

Grazyna began her serious art career primarily in acrylics but has progressed towards oils these days. Her technique is intuitive and spontaneous. Key elements of her style are vibrant colours and light.

Grazyna Wolski Floral Paintings

Lyza Delmar Gustin – Paintings

Lyza Delmar Gustin has been painting around the North Shore and Vancouver since 1995. Her subject matter is the captivating raw power and natural beauty of the West Coast.

Lyza’s work is continually evolving towards the capture of visually flickering and passing moments of fractured light, line and colour. She uses a hands on interactive approach in her work, using layers of paint, varied strokes, dripping, scratching, mesh and plaster-like textures. Her works are completed by balancing the results of some accidental manipulations with other careful and conscious moments in the painting. Lyza refers to this as “going for a ride” with the creative second.

Lyza’s work perfect expresses a vibrant, captivating enchantment and movement that we can see nature everyday.

Lyza Delmar Gustin Landscape Paintings

Warren Goodman – Landscape Paintings

Warren Goodman is a visual artist based in North Vancouver. He is most widely recognized for his larger-than-life, richly textured and colourful landscapes. Goodman’s art often reflects his lifelong passion for the outdoors, and his style and approach to painting has been greatly influenced by renowned BC artist Gordon Smith, his friend and mentor.

Warren Goodman Landscape Paintings