Tea towel is a very humble tea set on the tea table, but it silently bears a great task, that is to keep the tea table and tea set clean. Although it is to keep clean, the function of tea towel is by no means like a rag.
Today I will tell you about the two folding methods, use methods and misunderstandings of tea towels.
1、 Two folding methods of tea towel
There are two common folding methods for tea towels. One is the “three fold method”, and the other is the further “quilt folding method” based on the “three fold method”, which folds into the shape of a small quilt.
The two folding methods have their own advantages. The “three folding method” has a large area and is convenient to use. The “quilt folding method” is more exquisite and compact, which can be selected according to the size of the tea table and the layout of the tea mat.
2、 How should tea towels be placed?
The most common placement of tea towels is in the middle of the table. This is neither too conspicuous nor easy to use. Another method is to put it on the right hand of the tea maker where it is easy to reach (the left-handed tea maker puts it on the left).
No matter where it is placed, the principle is that it is neither noisy nor convenient. It should be noted that when the tea towel is placed, the non creased side is facing the guest, while the creased side is facing yourself. Let the guests see the most neat side is the embodiment of politeness.
3、 When is the tea towel used?
The main function of tea towel is to keep the tea set dry. The bottom of various tea sets is in contact with the tea tray. The bottom is easy to get wet. If it is not wiped, it is easy to get water droplets everywhere, which makes people feel very uncomfortable.
Whether it is to pass the cleaned tea cup to the guest, pick up the teapot to prepare soup, or pour tea to the guest with a fair cup, dip the bottom of the tea set on the tea towel. If there are some water stains on the side of the tea set, hold the tea set with a tea towel, gently rotate the tea set and wipe around.
When there are water stains on the tea tray or table, you can also pick up the tea towel and wipe it gently. After use, you need to put the tea towel back.
4、 Tea towels cannot be used as rags
Many tea friends use tea towels as rags to wipe the table, wipe stains, and even sweep away the garbage on the table.
In fact, the tea towel is mainly used to clean a little water stains on the bottom of the tea set and the desktop, and can not be used like a rag. Before making tea, clean the tea table with a rag. If you need to clean the table in a large area during tea making, you should also use another rag or paper towel. After cleaning, you should be out of the view of the guests.
Tea towels shall be kept clean and tidy at their posts and on standby at all times.
5、 Tea towels should be cleaned regularly
The tea towel needs to contact the tea set. It should be very clean and hygienic. In this way, it can look pleasing to the eye and be at ease when used.
The tea towel is stained with tea, which is easy to damp and breed bacteria. In principle, the tea towel should be cleaned and dried every time after making tea, so as to ensure that the tea towel is completely clean when it is used next time.
If the time is not enough, you also need to open and hang the tea towel instead of keeping it folded.
6、 How to buy tea towel?
In shape, the commonly used tea towel is square, and the folding method is similar to that of the rectangular tea towel.
In terms of color, the tea towel should be mainly dark, because the light tea towel is easy to be stained with tea stains and is not easy to clean. When choosing tea towels, the color matching of the whole tea banquet should be considered.
In terms of material, the tea towel should give consideration to water absorption and easy cleaning. Tea towel should have certain water absorption, but at the same time, it should not be too plush, otherwise it is not easy to clean.
A small tea towel is also very learned to use.
Rudeness is no tea. The use of every tea set on the tea table is inseparable from the consideration of etiquette. The deepest purpose of returning to etiquette is mutual respect and transposition thinking, so as to achieve the realm of harmony between the two sides.
Did you use the right tea towel?