Spieglau Wine Glasses in Vancouver

Spiegelau Wine Glasses

Spiegelau produces some of the World’s finest wine glasses. A Spiegelau wine glass stands for high quality and aesthetics as well as durability and value. All wine is enhanced by the use of a proper wine glass and Spiegelau should be a part of every wine tasting experience. Spiegelau offers a broad range of wine glasses that are both beautifully designed and resoundingly durable – in short, the best value available.

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Glass is a fascinating material. Not only does it fulfil a practical purpose but there are so many other ways in which glass enriches our life. It is brilliant, it reflects and refracts light and has a satisfying sound when glasses are clinked.

Still further, specific glass shapes and a high quality glass surface, through the use of pure raw materials, enhance the aromas and taste of beverages.