Ultima Thule Wine Glasses in Vancouver

Pizazz Gifts carries iittaa’s Ultima Thule wine glasses. These wine glasses are World renowned for their strength and style. They come with a 10 year warranty and are used in the finest restaurants and hotels throughout the world.

The Ultima Thule collection comes from designs based on northern European islands buried in ice and snow, where the sun never sets. A place once believed to be the edge of the world. Ultima Thule is an expression of these extreme limits and celebrates the capabilities of humankind to achieve the unattainable.

Ultima Thule is a determination and continuing experimentation with glassblowing techniques to create an unusual and stunning organic effect. These glasses are crafted from crystal where the form gradually changes as molten glass burns the surface of the wooden moulds, crystallizing a particularly Finnish expression of glass in an eternal design classic.